Attract new talents and retaining staff

Your business is only as good as its people. That’s why it is crucial to have, keep, and attract talents in your team. Acquiring the best workers in today’s competitive world, is not easy. There are creative and effective ways to attract and retain employees to your business. We'll show you how BakkerElkhuizen can support you in this.
Attract new talents and retaining staff
General actions to attract top talents
Company reputation
Your company is great, then tell it the world. Invest in marketing that shows potential employees just how great you are and support it with a stand-out recruitment process.

Personal relationships
Already in the job interviews with potential employees it is important to build up a strong relationship. An interview-focused training and a structured interview process helps to develop a strategy to create these relationships.

Employees need to have the chance to develop. Discuss a tailored professional development plan and make sure, that you inform candidates during the recruitment process about that plan.

How workplace design can help you to attract top talents

1. Sell your work environment
Show candidates your office space with 360 ° pictures or create video content for a good first impression. Attract them with a hybrid working culture and ergonomically equipped workplaces for that working concept. Explain your focus on an ergonomic way of working and tell them, that well-being, comfort and health of your employees have priority.

Take pictures of your fixed workplaces, shared-desks, meeting rooms, flex-workplaces, and also show home-office workplaces as well as mobile workplaces.
2. Connect your brand to social issues
Your business can’t solve major social issues (e.g., climate change, affordable healthy options or a more inclusive world) on its own, but you can connect your brand to a larger purpose. Candidates who are committed to the real-world issue your brand attempts to improve, will be more motivated to join your contribution to the cause.

That’s why we, as BakkerElkhuizen, believe in sustainable and optimal working behaviour and offering sustainable workplace solutions. We focus on being sustainable within our company and along the whole supply-chain, read more in our sustainable report. For example, we’re striving for a fully sustainable workplace:
3. Offer competitive benefits
After the pandemic, many larger companies that went remote aren’t planning to return (fully) to their physical offices. It is a major attraction to many candidates and employees to stay hybrid and therefor offering mobile working as well as working from home.
this is how you set up a home workplace
4. Create a positive, flexible environment
To attract and retain talents, a positive and flexible work environment is a great way for positive employer branding, similar to what Google does. The work culture of Google is founded upon trust, and employees have the liberty to work whenever they want and however they want.

For this flexible work environment to be successful, people need flex-working areas in the office, shared-desks (which are adjusted swiftly to one's individual needs) and the opportunity to work from home. Provide your people with ergonomic, mobile working, equipment, that they can use to work healthy and comfortable anywhere, anytime.
This is how you set up a flexible workplace
5. Listen to your employees and show them respect
The base should be a clear job description for every employee. A job description clearly states the daily responsibilities, expectations and qualifications for a role, and it helps employees better understand their position. The managers must understand what their employees need, to give them ideal learning opportunities. Asking questions is the best way to do this. And in this context the manager can suggest pro-active development plans. To schedule regular one-on-one meeting with each team member is a good way to fully understand their insights.

Employees who feel respected are more grateful for—and loyal to—their firms. It is therefore important to check on their mental and physical well-being as well. A respectful workplace brings enormous benefits to organizations. Employees who say they feel respected are more satisfied with their jobs are more resilient, cooperate more with others, perform better and more creatively, and are more likely to take direction from their leaders.
Attract new talents and retaining staff
When you follow these five points as an employer, you make it more attractive for potential new employees to come and work for your company. Also, by following these five points, current staff will find it more attractive to keep their current jobs because it is a nice working environment. 

Check out our products that employees can use to perform their current jobs in an ergonomic manner. In this way, you can already set up current workplaces ergonomically.  
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