ISO 9001 and 14001 standard for BakkerElkhuizen

We are happy to announce that our company is officially ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. What does that mean for you as a customer?
ISO 9001 and 14001 standard for BakkerElkhuizen
ISO 9001
In general, the ISO norm 9001 is the most widely used national and international standard in quality management. The globally recognised standard defines the minimum requirements for a quality management system. The focus is on the optimisation of processes to continuously optimise the company's performance and to meet customer requirements in the best possible way. The certification attests to compliance with the standards of the ISO 9001.
Advantages ISO 9001
  • Customer orientation: It is important to understand the needs of customers and to ensure that their expectations are met.
  • Leadership: Managers at all levels should align the company with the demands of the market and create an internal environment in which employees are fully committed to achieving the company's goals.
  • Relationship management: A company and its interested parties (e.g. suppliers) are interdependent. A trusting and open relationship is therefore important and forms the basis for sustainable success.
  • Involvement of people: At all levels, employees determine the essence of a company. Only if they are recognised, empowered and encouraged they will be motivated to use their skills in the service of the company.
  • Improvement: Only those who question themselves and continuously improve the overall performance of the company will realise long-term success.
  • Process-oriented approach: To achieve the desired result more efficiently, all activities and the associated resources should be clearly interrelated.
  • Fact-based decision-making: Accurate analysis of data and information forms the basis for understanding the cause-and-effect relationships and possible consequences, and for implementing effective measures.
ISO 14001
The ISO 14001 has been a globally recognised basis for environmental management systems since 1996 and covers all aspects for continuous improvement of environmental performance. It defines the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of an environmental management system. Its requirements are applicable to organisations of all types and sizes and to different geographical, cultural and social conditions.

The overall objective of ISO 14001 certification is to promote environmental protection, reduce environmental impacts and thus properly implement environmental goals - in harmony with economic, social and political requirements. ISO 14001 is the only certifiable standard in an entire family of environmental management standards.
Advantages ISO 14001
  • International recognition of the environmental management system
  • Identification and elimination of sources of error and risks that threaten environmental protection
  • Better environmental performance thanks to clearly defined environmental targets
  • Optimal, sustainable use of resources
  • Greater legal certainty and calculability of liability risks
  • Continuous improvement of the environmental management system
  • Motivation and sensitisation of employees to all environmental aspects
  • Qualification of employees in environmental management

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