The 4-Day Work Week – does not mean less work is done!

The 4-day working week sounds very attracting for most of the employees. A compressed work schedule, rather than reduced hours, with a three days weekend sounds great for employees. It needs to be said, that this working model does not suit every type of job, but for the office sector it can work. Moreover, studies have shown that the 4-day week also has a lot of benefits for the employer. It is more than just a way to attract talented professionals.
The 4-Day Work Week – does not mean less work is done!

The benefits of a 4-day work week

1. Increased productivity
The company Perpetual Guardian in New Zealand found out in their trial study of the 4-day work week, that employees maintain the same productivity level. Especially the stress level decreased by 45% to 38%. Furthermore, improvements in job satisfaction, teamwork, work-life balance and company loyalty were shown. All this leads to an improved morale and fewer absences, because the employees are happier and more focused in their roles.

To increase the productivity of your staff also during computer work, provide them the right, ergonomic working tools, e.g., document holders. Document holders allow you to position paperwork or digital devices at a height, angle and position on your desk to ensure good posture when reading. With a document holder you can read and enter data in comfortable and more productive way.
2. An equal workplace
Research of the Gender Pay Gap from the Government Equalities Office found out that roughly two million British people are currently not in employment due to childcare responsibilities. With 4-day work weeks, employees would be able to spend more time with their families and better manage care and work commitments. A company which supports young families is of course more attracting.
3. Less CO2-Emissions:
With a 4-day work week employees don’t need to commute as much and large office buildings are only in use four days a week. This has a tremendous impact on energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions. Surely your company has already developed a sustainability strategy, and wouldn't this be another important step towards being more environmentally conscious? 

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