The BakkerElkhuizen Website

You can directly find and buy ergonomic products of your interest on the BakkerElkhuizen website. Our website contains a large range of products which are all supported with images, videos and technical information such as features, specifications, manuals and certificates. 
The BakkerElkhuizen Website
Specific business-to-business features
We have developed some specific features for business-to-business (B2B) clients in our website, like custom assortments and pricing. For example, if you’re a purchaser of a company that has a contract with BakkerElkhuizen you automatically see the agreed discount prices on the products that are in your assortment. This makes it easy and fast to order and get products delivered as soon as possible to your colleagues and/or employees.
Once you’ve found a particular product on our website, you can use the shopping cart to accumulate multiple items and to adjust quantities. Then the easy "checkout" process follows in which payment and delivery information is collected. We allow you as a customer, whether B2B or B2C, to sign up for a permanent online account so that all of this information only needs to be entered once. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once the transaction is complete.
Business-to-business advantages
B2B customers not only have the advantage to see their own discount prices on the products, but also have the possibility (if agreed by contract) to order by invoice instead of paying directly. And lastly, B2B customers also have the possibility to use the BakkerElkhuizen website as a shop-in-shop system for employees where a selected assortment and custom pricing is applied. All you need to do, is set your personal assortment up with our service department beforehand.

Your benefits as a B2B client at a glance:
  • See extensive product information anywhere, anytime
  • Save time and handle the purchase process quickly and easily
  • See your own discount prices for each product
  • Order by invoice and pay later.
  • Use the website as your shop-in-shop for your colleagues or employees.

To learn more and get access to these benefits, please get in contact with us!
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