The perfect office environment starts with a desk and chair

Employees spend most of their day in the office. Although the rooms that many employees share with one or more colleagues are first and foremost places of work, the furnishings should also take into account the well-being of the employees. Experts know that office furnishings have a decisive influence on employees' willingness to perform and their health.
The perfect office environment starts with a desk and chair

The Desk

Many options for desks
The ideal desks will support the employees to work comfortably, safely, and in an ergonomic way, whether in the office or at home. Office desks tend to be more pragmatic than aesthetic, but there should still be a certain level of design to ensure that the desk fits well into the office environment. There are so many options of different desks out there, however, the demand for well-being should not suffer because of a low price. In the best case, a good office desk harmonises with an ergonomic office chair. But also factors like support of the reseller, warranties, and assembly time should be taken into account.

WORK & MOVE desks
We will now tell you, why the WORK & MOVE desk 160x80 and the WORK & MOVE desk 120x70 are one of the best desks for the office and home office.
Outstanding quality
This office desk stands out for its quality, and is rock-solid stable, in contrast to some standing desks which can get a bit wobbly when they are fully extended to their highest levels. The desk can change heights quickly, with a smooth and quiet action, and has also an anti-collision tech (meaning if the desk is lowering and hits something – like your seat, it stops). Cable management is also included in this desk. That means; From now on, no visible (annoying) cables on your desk anymore. The desks are backed by an impressive five-year warranty, too.

Free WORK & MOVE™ Software
You get a free one year licence of our WORK & MOVE™ Software with this desk. The user can set the optimal ergonomic sit and stand profile once with the WORK & MOVE ™ Software. When the desk is used as a shared-desk, every user can save their own profile. When somebody connects his laptop to the desk, you can directly choose if the desk needs to go to your personal sitting or standing height. The software reminds you when it's time to get up with a pop-up window based on your active computer time, which is measured by your mouse and keyboard usage.

Increase your concentration, creativity and fitness at work by optimally alternating between sitting and standing in seconds. The WORK & MOVE sit-stand desk provides the ideal ergonomic sitting or standing height for every user for a more comfortable and ergonomic way of working.

The Desk Chair

Prolonged sitting
Static prolonged sitting is generally considered to be a strain on the mind and body (Biswas et al., 2015, Kaillings et al. 2021). Muscles and joints are repeatedly and continuously used in the same way over a long period of time (Feveile et al., 2002), resulting in stiff muscles and hardening joints.
Having the right chair to ensure your well-being is very important. An ergonomic office chair could be one of the very few things that can prevent back pain when working at a desk.

Active sitting
Exercise and sport have a positive effect on the state of mind. Not only do they reduce psychological stress, but there is also evidence that cognitive performance can be improved through exercise (Mualem et al., 2018). Therefore, exercise should also be possible while sitting. It is about so-called 'active sitting' or 'dynamic sitting'. Here, the sitting position is changed frequently. Sitting thus becomes an active activity and is no longer passive and static. The office chair should therefore have a stimulating effect on active sitting and enable or even provoke changes in the working posture.

Our ergonomic chairs
Investing in one of these desk chairs will maximize your comfort and make sure that your body is in that ideal position, and supports active sitting all day long. You can go about your tasks for hours without worrying that you’ll suffer from injuries at the end of the day. Investing in one good office chair, therefore, is vital – just as vital as getting the most ideal PC, laptop and peripherals – especially when paired with an excellent standing desk.

Keep reading to find the perfect office chair for your employees.
Guide: How to sit active and healthy
  • Choose a chair with a dynamic function (tilt mechanisms: forward and backward or 3D in every direction), this automatically leads to sitting actively and changing position often
  • “The best posture, is the next posture”, which means, movement is more important than static ‘posture’.
  • A higher (open) sitting position, with an angle of more than 90° between torso and thighs will help you to sit straight, move body weight to your thighs and activate the muscles of your legs
  • If you want to sit well-supported (often less active) for a certain period, take care that you sit on the very back of your seat and make use of the backrest. Take care that the backrest and lumber support are adjusted in a way that your back is well supported, as this helps you to keep a more neutral position. 

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