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Our products are of high quality, which means that they last a long time in daily use. For example, we see that our customers have been using the Ergo-Q 260 and the S-board 840 for more than 10 years. A big advantage is that our customers do not have to replace our products often, which means less impact on our environment. If a part is broken, we often have spare-parts in stock and it can be easily replaced.

In fact, we’re so convinced of the quality of our products that we’ve decided to change our guarantee policy from the legal, obligated, guarantee (2 years) to the following:
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  Guarantee without registration Guarantee with registration
Non-electronic products [1] 5 years Lifelong
Electronic products 3 years 5 years
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[1] Lifelong guarantee applies to all non-electronic products with the exception of all (gas) spring parts, for which we use a guarantee period of 5 years.

Further guarantee conditions are as described in the full guarantee policy. Fill out the form below and your guarantee will be extended automatically. If you do not complete the form, your guarantee period automatically follows the ‘without registration’ period.
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In short, by registering you’ll receive the extended guarantee, and:
  • A 1 year free license for WORK & MOVE™ software
  • The whitepaper: 16 tips for the ideal ergonomic workspace
  • Up-to-date trends & developments via our newsletter

What do I need?
To make it as easy as possible, we only need one of the following from you:
  • The one-time registration code on the registration sticker on your purchased product. (If available, the registration sticker is well placed in sight). If the registration sticker is not present on the product we can also use;
  • The EAN code on the product itself (electronic products) or the packaging (non-electronic products). If you’ve already decided to recycle the packaging, we can also use;
  • A picture of the product as verification of your purchase in combination with your name and order date as provided in the form below;​​​​​​​

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