WORK & MOVE Desk 120x70

Electric height adjustable sit-stand desk in two sizes. That really gets you moving!

WORK & MOVE Desk 120x70
This electrically height-adjustable desk is available in two sizes, making it ideal for the office, the shared-desk or the home-office.

The WORK & MOVE Desk comes with a free 3-year licence for the WORK & MOVE Coach. This allows you to set your optimal ergonomic sitting and standing profile. The software reminds you when it's time to get up based on your active computer time. Increase your concentration, creativity and fitness at work by optimally alternating between sitting and standing in seconds. The WORK & MOVE sit-stand desk provides the ideal ergonomic sitting- or standing height for every user for a more comfortable and ergonomic way of working.
Stay active for a better well-being.
The WORK & MOVE sit-stand desk encourages you to alternate between sitting and standing during your daily work routine. This helps you to frequently change your posture and stimulates your blood flow, which in turn increases the oxygen levels in your body. The results in decreased muscle soreness and fatigue. When you are standing at your desk your spinal column is extended and this is good for the posture and reduces strain on the spine and back muscles. Your work motivation will be boosted, which leads to a greater focus and productivity.
Integrated software for more motivation.
The WORK & MOVE Software Coach is included to the WORK & MOVE sit-stand desk. With the purchase of a WORK & MOVE sit-stand desk you will receive a free 3-year license for the WORK & MOVE Software. We highly recommend to use this software coach, because you can set your own sit and stand profile and the software reminds you to stand up in the right moments. This ensures you that the sit-stand function is really used. Without reminder, there is less chance the sit-stand function is used frequently and on the right moments.

The software measures your active computer work time based on your mouse and keyboard usage and reminds you when it's time to stand up with a pop-up window. With the WORK & MOVE Software Coach you will never again ask yourself, when it’s time to stand up and to sit down. By optimally alternating between sitting and standing, you will not only increase your concentration, improve your creativity and burn more calories, at the end of a workday you will also have more energy left.
Scientific research

Ergonomic posture.

With the WORK & MOVE sit-stand desk the correct desk height for your optimal ergonomic postures is guaranteed. Easily adjust the height of this desk in seconds and set it in your personal profile of the WORK & MOVE Software Coach. This desk is also recommended for desk-sharing workplaces. Every user can set his or her personal ideal sit and stand profile in the WORK & MOVE software coach. This enables multi users to set the desk at the desired height in a few seconds, no matter what height the user is.

Ergonomic background

Sit-stand workstations are highly recommended from an ergonomic point of view and have been proven to be effective in preventing back pain. Therefore, all office workers who sit at a computer screen continuously for more than two hours should be able to switch from sitting to standing.

The effect of alternating standing and sitting means that the concentration can remain at a high level for longer (Source: Ebara, et al., 2008.). The actual work performance during VDU work is also improved by sitting standing desk (Source: Garrett et al., 2016, Choi, 2010, Hedge and Ray, 2004.).
Easy and quiet change between sitting and standing.
You can set your desired sitting and standing height with the WORK & MOVE software coach. Your personal software coach will tell you when it is time to change between sitting and standing. With one mouse click or shortcut, your table automatically moves to the height you set. The motor of the WORK & MOVE desk offers not only a smooth height-adjustment, it is also very quiet. You can also change the height manually with the control buttons. The height adjustment range is between 650 mm to 1.260 mm and the speed of the table is 38 mm/s. Thanks to the anti-collision system which is inserted into the frame, the table stops moving if there is an obstacle. The soft start/stop functions make the desk moves smoothly and quietly.
Happy users, table will be used.
The WORK & MOVE Desk, aided by the software coach, motivates users to physically and mentally move at the perfect timing. The software coach provides periodic mental and physical movement breaks shown in little pop-up windows, which allows the user to maintain a better concentration and -energy level during the day, resulting in fewer errors and improved quality of work. The motivation to get moving, which is supported by the software coach, results in satisfied users. The financial, physical and mental return on your investment in this desk is therefore high, resulting in a short payback period.

Available in different versions.

The WORK & MOVE sit-stand desk is available in different sizes to suit any home or office environment. The table top is supplied as standard in white (RAL 9016) with a black (RAL 9005) frame. Need a different color? Please contact us for the possibilities. The construction of the table with its enhanced space under the desk, makes it ideal for a wide range of different chairs.

The WORK & MOVE sit-stand desk is offered in the sizes 160 cm x 80 cm and 120 cm x 70 cm. The smaller version is a good alternative for the home-office, if the space is limited. Our sit-stand desk frame is made of aluminium alloy, which is lightweight but strong. The beam and cantilevers keep the desk stable even when it is at its highest point. There is also a cable management available on demand, this ensures that the cables are organised and that your desk looks tidy up. The simple, elegant design of the WORK & MOVE sit-stand desk is not distracting, it rather matches any décor in your home office or office.

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