Capgemini has some 4,000 employees in the Netherlands and what they usually do is work behind the computer and they do so sitting down all day. "We know that it is not healthy to sit all day and that is why we offer WORK & MOVE to all our employees."
Annelies Hermens Health Manager at Capgemini, says the following about WORK & MOVE. It is a personal coach that advises our employees on their optimal work-rest and relaxation schedule. WORK & MOVE stimulates employees to include mental recovery moments (so-called pit stops). The goal is to be healthier, fitter and more sustainable in their work''.
Employee in control
Capgemini believes that all employees should be in control of their own succession. As mentioned before, more than 4000 employees are using WORK & MOVE. Hermens: "WORK & MOVE is a personal coach that advises our employees on their optimal work, rest and relaxation schedule. And WORK & MOVE helps by encouraging them to take pit stops.
take pit stops. They are encouraged to get off their chairs, they are given exercises to help them relax and, ultimately, they can do their work in a healthier, fitter and more sustainable way. You get advice, but the employee remains in control at all times and maintains the direction of what they do and don't do."

Sitting for too long is not good, but standing for too long also causes discomfort: for example, you start sagging, which is stressful for the body. It is important that you yourself decide how often you want to change your posture and how long you want to stand or sit. With WORK & MOVE, an employee can set his/her own personal preferences. WORK & MOVE has four predefined sit-stand profiles from which to choose. However, there are also employees who want to set up their sit-stand profile themselves, which is why this is also possible within the software.
Periodic interventions in the monitor
"WORK & MOVE shows when it is time to change position. The user can go directly to the preset sitting or standing height with one hotkey combination or by simply clicking the mouse. Are you working on your laptop, but there is no sit-stand desk nearby? Then, too, you will receive interventions at the moments when it is time to change your posture. Incidentally, the user can always continue working and 'ignore' an intervention.

Hermens continues: "Scientific research has shown that if we encourage our employees to be more active alongside computer screen work, employees are ultimately more productive, deliver better quality work and go home with more energy at the end of their working day.
The rollout
"We did not do the roll-out of WORK & MOVE alone", Hermens concludes. "We involved ErgoDirect throughout the process and they answered every question we had about the package. WORK & MOVE is a perfect tool for Capgemini because it enables us to reach all our employees. The people who work for Capgemini are generally very driven people who only stay at work, so it is a bit more difficult to get them moving.

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