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An even healthier, more conscious start to 2020 at Nationale Nederlanden. They have taken a new step in their already existing vitality policy. They switched from CtrlWORK software to WORK & MOVE employee wellbeing software. The most important reason was that the new software was more in line with their vitality policy. Nationale Nederlanden (NN) promotes exercise in the workplace and short moments of action.
Nationale Nederlanden
Vitality policy
"We were already using software to make our colleagues aware of taking short breaks. The moment we heard that WORK & MOVE was the successor to CtrlWORK and that it put more emphasis on stimulating movement during work, we were immediately enthusiastic. WORK & MOVE is not only about the mental and physical recovery moments, but also pays more attention to the lifestyle and the varied exercise than CtrlWORK," says Marion Pronk (HR Specialist Work and Health). "We want to let people develop further. We want people to be aware of the positive effects of exercise in the workplace. We don't just say that you should exercise more, but we also want to offer support in this as easily accessible as possible. And WORK & MOVE is the perfect way to do that.

WORK & MOVE not only encourages physical exercise. The tips and tricks help you to take a break from your work, which in turn helps to relax your brain. Ultimately, this has a demonstrable positive effect on the productivity and creativity of employees. So both the physical and the mental component are stimulated with the help of WORK & MOVE.
We tested the WORK & MOVE software with a small group, and we were quickly convinced. The software fits perfectly into the vitality policy and stimulates the employee's own responsibility. The implementation did not raise any questions. All NN employees have access to WORK & MOVE software on their computers. Every working day, WORK & MOVE starts automatically, and provides personal advice on work behaviour and improvement potential. Our intranet portal also pays attention to the possibilities of WORK & MOVE.
Challenge in behavioural change
We are always looking for hooks that exist in your own environment to work on vitality. The tips in WORK & MOVE are that hook. The pit-stops you get with the software remind you of the goals you had set for yourself. It reinforces what I already know. It changes the mindset of our employees," Marion says enthusiastically.
When asked who bears the responsibility for vitality, the answer is twofold. Of course, we as an organisation must take responsibility and create the preconditions. But that's not all. The employee also has his responsibilities. He/she will have to take good care of him/herself both physically and mentally.

"At NN, there is the possibility to work at home. In many cases, this often saves time; you don't have to travel and any traffic jams are avoided. However, when working from home, there is much less feeling from the manager, how does the employee feel, how long does he or she work? Do they take a lunch break? Or do they continue to work uninterrupted? WORK & MOVE helps us to draw the NN employees' attention to these mental and physical moments of recovery," says Marion. "WORK & MOVE is that friendly big stick. It shows that the bow cannot always be bent.
Moving work
All our information, both about the workplace in the office and at home, revolves around the importance of movement. And the software makes the employee more aware of his behaviour. But not only the software is an important part of our policy. We also organise vitality activities such as Fit 20, Yoga & running. Once the seed has been planted, it is up to the employee to do something with it.

"The people who have complaints live by them, the people who don't have complaints are harder to convince to insert recovery moments, move more or change their posture."
The WORK & MOVE tips
WORK & MOVE contains more than 1,500 tips in the field of physical fitness, mental fitness, smarter working and shortcuts, among others. And these tips are in line with our information and what our story as an organisation is based on. The NN employee decides which tips are relevant, and turns on this content, as it were.

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