Everything you should know about data protection and privacy within WORK & MOVE Software

In this article we discuss what WORK & MOVE Software contains, how all data in the software is protected and how the privacy of the user is guaranteed.
Everything you should know about data protection and privacy within WORK & MOVE Software
What is WORK & MOVE Software?
Personal coach
The WORK & MOVE Software is your personal coach, providing healthy alternation between digital screen work and mental and physical movement. The software advises the user on an optimal work-movement-pitstop rhythm on the basis of their personal needs and helps to make this personal rhythm their own.

Aside the personal pitstop profile the user can set a personal sit-stand profile to increase movement at the workplace as well. Little pop-up windows are shown on the screen and motivate to take periodic pitstops of 10 seconds up to 3 minutes.

Quality of work improves
The software also reminds the employees, with a pop-up window, when it's time to get up based on clock time or active computer time, which is measured by mouse and keyboard usage. By building in periodical mental and physical movement moments the employees keep being concentrated and energetic, make less mistakes and the quality of their work improves.
Privacy protected
With this software the employer encourages healthy and vital behaviour at work, but can the employer see WORK & MOVE Software data of the employees? WORK & MOVE Software data is encrypted and stored in everyone’s personal Windows profile and only accessible by the user. This is because of privacy (GDPR) law.

The software has been designed so that only the user can see the personal data, unless they give approval to the employer to share the data for central (anonymous) analysis via the optional WORK & MOVE Analytics tool. In basis the employer makes this software available as a personal aid (protection equipment) and has no access to the user’s data unless the employee provides this.
Certified software
WORK & MOVE Software is frequently checked by our IT experts. For example, the Windows App Certification Kit is used for this. Also, WORK & MOVE Software is pen tested periodically by nSEC/Resilience.
Well-protected software
The WORK & MOVE Software has been designed to be foundationally secure according to secure by design patterns. This means that alternate security strategies, tactics and patterns are considered at the beginning of a software design, and the best are selected and enforced by the architecture, and they are used as guiding principles for developers. On top Microsoft Security Best Practices is used, which provides clear actionable guidance for security related decisions.  

More about WORK & MOVE?
If you want to learn more about the software, take a look at the product page of our WORK & MOVE Software! 
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