Wide range of ergonomic products for the VDU worker

BakkerElkhuizen offers you a broad assortment of ergonomic products. The product portfolio includes everything a VDU worker needs at the workplace, except for consumables, visual display units and operating systems.
Wide range of ergonomic products for the VDU worker
Different product categories
The assortment of BakkerElkhuizen consists of seventeen different product categories. All categories contribute to a more ergonomic workplace. Those are mice, keyboards, laptop stands, tablet holders, document holders, monitor stands, monitor arms, sit-stand-desks, footrests, CPU holders, safety screens, laptop bags, mouse pads, wrist rests, desk screens, well-being software, and task lighting. You can find out at-a-glance on our product pages the advantages of each product and how one product differs from another in the same category.

Category leaflets
BakkerElkhuizen has some product categories, which have a wide range of different product types in it, e.g., the mice, laptop stands, document holders, keyboards, and monitor arms. Because we know that it is not always easy to select the most suitable product, we have developed some category leaflets for you. With the help of these leaflets, you can easily get an overview of the different product types. In addition, you can directly see the product characteristics and you can compare them. In this way you can simply find the best suitable product(s) for you. 
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Sustainable materials
A large proportion of our product range is already made from sustainable materials and is in turn recyclable. And not only the product portfolio of BakkerElkhuizen becomes more sustainable, BakkerElkhuizen are striving for greater sustainability along the whole supply chain. It starts with the manufacturer and ends in sustainable packaging.
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Work smart and feel good
With the product solutions of BakkerElkhuizen you can create a world in which everyone works smart and feels good. BakkerElkhuizen wants to stimulate optimal work behaviour. This includes the alternation between dynamically sitting, standing, and taking breaks to stimulate physical and mental movements.

Our WORK & MOVE well-being software is a personal coach, providing enough alternation between digital screen work and mental and physical movement. The software advises on an optimal work-movement-break rhythm on the basis of the employee’s personal needs and helps to create an individual rhythm. Little pop-up windows are shown on the screen and motivate to break between 10 seconds up to half an hour or tell the employees when it is time to get up in combination with an adjustable sit-and-stand desk. By building in periodical mental and physical movement moments you keep being concentrated and energetic, fewer mistakes are made, and the quality of work improves.
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Excellent quality
BakkerElkhuizen offers solutions with unique ergonomic features of a fitting quality. The excellent quality of the products ensures for the user an ergonomic way of working. The high quality of products also guarantees that they last a long time in daily use. That means a long product life cycle, which is a big advantage for the customers because there is no need to replace our products often. Also, the environment is less burdened.

We are convinced of the quality of our products, that is why we have decided to change our guarantee policy. For all products that you buy from us, at least the legal guarantee applies, but usually, we go further. 
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Solutions for every workplace
You will find a solution in every price range. And of course, for any kind of workplace. The workplaces can be almost anywhere (e.g. in a café, on the train, in the meeting room, at home or at a client) and can be created anytime. For example, the fixed office workplace, the shared-desk, the mobile workplace or the home-office. The goal is an optimal work behaviour and a people-oriented workplace, which increases the health, safety, comfort and productivity of the VDU workers.

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